How to Know IMEI Number of a Mobile Phone?

IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity

IMEI Number of every phone is Unique, It doesn’t matter if it is a smartphone or Normal Bar phone.

To find the unique number of your phone you need to open keypad of your phone first and then you need to enter *#06# by entering this number you will find that some numbers are displayed on your phone screen and this number is the IMEI number of your phone.

Why do I need to know my IMEI Number?
1. with the help of IMEI number you can check your phone warranty if it is still covered or not.

2. In case of any mishappening like theft, you can report to the police with this unique IMEI number.

So I will recommend when you buy a new phone at that particular time you can note down the IMEI number of your mobile phone so in future, in case of any mishappening, you must have the unique number of your phone so that it can be identified easily.

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